Thomas Tuchel has urged Ruben Loftus to maintain his performance

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Chelsea football head coach Thomas Tuchel has urged Ruben Loftus-Cheek to maintain his physical and consistent performance. Because, to be honest, he is a man of potential. After being impressed with the result of the Champions League game that beat Malmo 1-0 yesterday.

The 25- carat- year-old midfielder became the starting eleven of the ‘ Blues ‘ for the first time in six years at Eleda Stadion , coordinating Jorginho in the midfield firmly and standing for 90 minutes. Indicating that The body returned to perfection again.  

This is a positive sign, because the boss Choi’s midfield crumbled after multiple Mateo destinations Danzig injuries , ligament, Colo Caen Enschede hurt Aadๆ squeaking sound. Therefore, having a model as an option is considered the right place at the right time.  

Thomas Tuchel has urged Ruben Loftus to maintain his performance

“ I was a bit worried in the first 15 minutes if he could catch the rhythm. Heard before the game that this was his first Champions League start since 2015,” Tuchel said after the game. 

“ So we give him some money, who might be a bit nervous or try to find a way to enter the game. ”

“ Glad he managed to overcome it. The symbolic hour for the Doctor was that he had not disappeared.  He want to control competitors Not just wanting to be a part of the game. It’s because Ruben has more potential than that. He had to let go of all the things. That’s the key for him. ”

“ If you can do the same work as you are doing right now. He will become a key player in our squad. ”

“ That’s why I was so happy after the first 15 minutes, he was involved in a lot of our dangerous moments. I’m glad he pushed himself out of the difficult first 15 minutes. and do a good job again. ”

“The next step is to show consistency and push yourself. Because the limit can be pushed up and up. Besides, that pillow has so much potential. ”

The person was also delighted to tweet via his @RLC account that “ tongue hangs to win ! Thank you to our fans who came to cheer on the away game. Collect three more points before going into the weekend game. ” 

Tuchel is an opportunity manager, as was the case with Ross Barkley. Another underserved midfielder has started to return to the squad as an active player, even starting from the reserves for a while.