Romelu Lukaku trains normally.

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Chelsea remain clear on Romelu Lukaku status that. He will not be release this month. Despite behavior and attitude problems. Throughout the past week Chelsea fans have face with disturbing interviews. After Romelu Lukaku made a disrespectful remark to the current club. State that does not close the opportunity to return to Inter Milan in the future.

Rom also said he was unhappy with the situation. UFABET Because he didn’t get the chance to play as he should with Tuchel pointing out. That the players were not fully fit unlike Lukaku who revealed. Another saying that one is in good physical condition.

As a result, Thomas Tuchel dismissed Lukaku in the latest game in Chelsea’s 2-2 draw at home to Liverpool on Sunday. Because the German coach sees it as a big deal and will affect preparation.

Still, Fabrizio Romano reveal that Chelsea will still insist on releasing players this winter. And there is no idea of ​​a loan release, which Tuchel is going to decide on Tuesday on his own attitude towards the players.

However, Lukaku returned to normal training after not being involved in the previous league games. Some of the media saw it as a good sign. But there are some who are waiting to see Tuchel’s stance again.