Patrick Vieira said the best decision was to take charge of York City FC

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Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has said the best decision was to take charge of Major League football club New York City FC.

         The France international retired from Manchester City in 2011 and announced his first managerial job with New York City FC in November 2015. Where he stayed in charge until 2018 before joining Nice. H until 2020 and take control of Palace today.

         The Viera revealed that to get a job in New York City FC in the City Football Group revealed. That the choice to go to. The United States is one of its best decisions ever.

         “Going to New York was one of the best decisions I made because spending two and a half years there I understood what kind of manager I wanted to be. It was a really good experience,” Vieira said.

         For Vieira will take the team to the old team “Sailboat” in the Premier League game on Saturday.

‘I don’t know what to say to you.’

Vieira’s Nice, who he joined in 2018, are currently 15th in Ligue 1. After just five wins from their first 14 games of the season.

That has led to increasing pressure on the 43-year-old from some supporters. 

On his future, Vieira added: ‘I do my job every day as best as I can.

‘After that, you have to ask certain people what happens, but I do not feel in any danger.

‘But, in football, we know that things move very fast.’