Everton hope Jose Salomon Rondon to the national team

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Everton hope Venezuela striker Jose Salomon Rondon will not travel to the national football team in November.

Everton want Rondon to stay in England for a two-week international break this month. to enter a fitness rehabilitation program After moving from Dalian Pro in the Chinese league and starting 5 of the last 7 games under Rafael Benitez.

Rondon is not in full fitness, prompting Everton to express his desire not to let the 32-year-old forward play for Venezuela this month. Even the players focus on the 2022 World Cup qualifiers very much. But the decision will be made by all three parties.

For Rondon, he has played 7 games for Everton in all competitions. Still unable to score a goal. Benitez appreciates his role in keeping the ball, dominating the ball, pulling in markers and, most importantly, his fighting spirit. Only left for the players to be fully fit and complete. Believed to shine as outstanding as he played against West Bromwich and Newcastle previously.