Eric Garcia is expected to wait and see symptoms this week.

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Barcelona defender Eric Garcia has been hampered by an injury in his latest game. as confirmed by the club.

Ten-man Azulgrana miss out as Granada’s 1-1 draw at the end of La Liga on Saturday left Barca in sixth place with 32 points of play. 20 shots

After the game. Barcelona give bad news that the Spaniard. Who was substitute in the 54th minute, has a problem in the right hamstring of the right hamstring. UFABET Will have to wait to see again on Sunday.

Spanish media say it is possible Eric Garcia will miss another month to help the team. Because the condition tends to be severe. If it is true that it will affect the team of Xavi Hernandez, for sure because the players are face with problems with injuries and sickness in the past.

We have to wait for the next statement from Barcelona to reveal how severe the 20-year-old’s condition is. After this, the team will play in the Super Cup and Copa del Rey. 

 Eric Garcia   is a fierce defender who can play both boot and bun. That is strong in the clash. But he has good ball control, good passing and agility. He was pushed up to play in the first team at the age of 18, and was named in the team to play in the UEFA Champions League football as well.

which very few people get this kind of opportunity He has made 22 first-team appearances for the Blues and is still in the squad for the 2020-21 season