Calvin Phillips to join Liverpool rather than Manchester United ?

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has urged Leeds United midfielder. That Calvin Phillips to join Liverpool rather than Manchester United if he is considering a move to the club in the future.

         The England midfielder is another one of the hottest players, with reports that the Red Devils want to join the team as a replacement for Paul Pogba. The one who is likely to leave the team, while the “Reds” are also interested. In the view of Merson pointed out that Phillips moved to football in Anfield over.

         “Calvin Phillips should have gone to Liverpool, not Manchester United,” Merson told the Daily Star, “but I don’t think he will take both teams to the next level. He’s a good player to play every week no matter who signs up. But it’s not a game changer.”

         “If he goes to Anfield he will be remembered as a hero for Leeds United, but if he goes to Old Trafford everything will be thrown out the window.”

         “So the Leeds United players are going to play with Manchester United? Wow, let’s get started! it’s pressure It all depends on who the manager was at the time as well. United are behind Liverpool unless they change managers. He won’t win the championship there.”

         “I think he will be playing every week with both clubs. But I don’t think only two teams will need him if Leeds sell him in the summer. There must be a conflict.”